Eris Howe Helps Grace Cottage

Eris Howe’s “can-do” attitude was inspirational to all who knew her. Her bequest to Grace Cottage helps to assure that Grace Cottage can do its best to care for the community.


Caring for the Future – The Barbara B. Crawford Endowment Fund

Robert B. Crawford of Grafton established the Barbara B. Crawford Endowment Fund at Grace Cottage Hospital in thanks for the care that Barbara received at Grace Cottage during the last few years of her life. “The staff, nurses and everyone else were incredibly caring and supportive during this difficult time.  It is hard to imagine not establishing an Endowment Fund, given the wonderful way Barbara was treated,” said Bob Crawford.


A Stray Fly Ball – Dan & Peg Arguimbau

“In 1988, our family was on vacation at Townshend Cottages and our children (then 6 and 8) were playing catch when our daughter misjudged a fly-ball and it came down on her eye. We headed to Grace Cottage Hospital.”


The Catherine N. Stratton Reception Area

Catherine N. Stratton Reception Area

Catherine (“Kay”) N. Stratton’s family was so appreciative of the many decades of care given to her by Grace Cottage and Dr. Robert Backus that they wanted to link these names in perpetuity.


A Gracious Entrance for One’s Beloved – in honor of Sheila B. Friedli

Sheila B Friedli

Ernie Friedli of Windham made a very generous donation for a new entrance at Grace Cottage in thanks for the wonderful care that his beloved wife, Sheila, received from all the staff and especially from Dr. Timothy Shafer, during her life. “Since the day that Sheila died at Grace Cottage in December, 2014, I have had the feeling that her spirit is still here, and only here,” said Ernie.

“We met when she was 11 and we were married for more than 62 years. She was my soulmate and I wanted to do something special to memorialize her.