CEO Message to the Community – September 2022

COVID-19 Update: Boosters Yes, COVID-19 continues to be among us, as I can attest. I successfully made it through 2020, 2021, and most of 2022 before contracting it, but my wife and I both came down with it a few weeks ago and have finally fully recovered. We’re very glad that we’d both been fully […]


CEO’s Message to the Community – August 2022

Fair Day 2022

I’m very pleased to announce that we have TeleEmergency services available 24/7 in our Emergency Department, thanks to a partnership with Dartmouth Health’s Connected Care. Grace Cottage Emergency Medicine physicians and providers now have an immediate link to their colleagues – Board-Certified Emergency Medicine physicians and nurses at Dartmouth Health – via high-quality two-way video communication.


COVID-19 Treatments – What If I’m Positive?

George Terwilliger

It is thought that over the next few months, most people in Vermont will have become infected with the virus at some point. What do you do if you are positive for COVID? There are different types of treatments available. Your health care provider will help determine which one is right for you.


CEO’s Message to the Community – July 2022

Our summer weather here in Vermont has been glorious although, much as I hate to say it, we could use a few days of soaking rain to replenish streams, ponds, and aquifers. But we’ve been delighted to enjoy excellent weather for our summer events, and we are especially hoping for a beautiful day on Saturday, […]


CEO’s Message To The Community – June 2022

We were given the exciting news last week that Grace Cottage Family Health & Hospital was awarded second place in the state of Vermont in the Boston Red Sox Impact Awards. The $3,000 award is in recognition of Grace Cottage’s hard work to raise awareness and improve mental health outcomes in our community. Winners were chosen by the Boston Red Sox Foundation and the Ruderman Family Foundation, based on number of votes received.


May: For Mothers and More

Cynthia Howes

In my role as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, one of my greatest joys is supporting and educating all parents as they navigate parenthood.


CEO Coronavirus Update – May 10, 2022

This week we’re celebrating National Nurses’ week with a variety of events in appreciation of staff. We couldn’t provide the excellent level of care that we do without our 51 RNs, 11 LPNs and 8 LNAs. Their work is not easy, but they do it with grace and great skill.