Lymphedema Therapy

“My leg was so swollen, I admit, I had my doubts the therapy would work. But after just two weeks, the swelling was down so much my shoes were too big. I’m in awe of the treatment.”
— David Boulton, Townshend

Any injury or surgery that compromises your lymph nodes can cause an uncomfortable swelling most often in your arms or legs known as Lymphedema. Half of all breast cancer survivors must deal with this condition as a result of their cancer treatment. Others have a congenital tendency, or develop it after other surgery or radiation treatment.

The bad news is that Lymphedema is always chronic, and physical therapists with the special training required to treat Lymphedema are few and far between.

The good news is that Grace Cottage has staff available who are knowledgeable about lymphedema and treatment options. Cindy Kenyon can provide the gentle massage known as “lymphatic drainage,” and teach patients various techniques for living with this condition with the least discomfort possible.

Lymphedema is caused when there is a blockage in the lymphatic system, a series of lymph nodes and vessels that carry fluid through the body to remove impurities and infections. When lymph nodes are removed or damaged, it’s common for the lymphatic fluid to build up, causing swelling.

In the earliest stage, Lymphedema may be experienced as a swollen limb that feels heavy, with skin that feels tight. It’s important to consult your medical provider at this stage because many things can cause swelling.

If Lymphedema is your diagnosis, rest assured that help is available at Grace Cottage Rehabilitative Services.

Talk to your provider about your need for lymphedema services.

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