Patient Compliments & Testimonials

Grace Cottage Hospital is pleased to share these testimonials from our patients and their families.

If you’ve had a great experience at Grace Cottage and are willing to share your story, please contact our Director of Community Relations Andrea Seaton at 802-365-9109 or With your permission, we would love to share your positive experience with others.

“As a patient in the hospital for ten days and then as an ER patient, I have had nothing but positive experiences at Grace Cottage. Everyone is so collegial and helpful. Your ER is efficient, quiet, and calm. What a fantastic place!”

 Diana Abel, Brattleboro, VT (2024)

“I am so grateful that Grace Cottage is here for me and my family. Top-flight care and familiar faces. Bless you!”

Ted Poler, East Dover, VT (2024)

“The care at Grace Cottage is excellent. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Everyone is so pleasant and helpful.”

Patricia Reardon, Brattleboro, VT (2024)

“I fell while skiing at Stratton over Thanksgiving weekend, and someone recommended that I go to Grace Cottage’s ER. The provider was amazing! I am usually a very critical person and can always find something to point out needing improvement. Well, I am speechless, because there was nothing that could have been better! Everyone was welcoming, efficient, and professional….in the most adorable hospital ever! Congratulations!”

Heidi Waddell, Hanson, MA (2024)

“Grace Cottage is a delight, and beyond exceptional. Friends of mine from Brattleboro who had been patients in the hospital here said that I shouldn’t go anywhere else, and they were right, this is THE BEST place! Everyone on the staff is so professional and very caring. You never, ever feel as if you’re bothering them, and that means so much when you’re healing.”

Patricia Mayor, Brattleboro, VT (2024)

“We were visiting our son over the holidays when my husband had a bronchial spasm. At 5 a.m., we drove through fog and deep mud from Wardsboro to get to Grace Cottage, and I can’t say enough good things about our experience, which was excellent from start to finish. The provider and the nurse were so professional and caring. Thank you for being there when we needed you.”

 Rita Caspar, West Chester, PA (2024)

“I needed to visit your ER when we were camping at the KOA in Dummerston in October, and the care I received couldn’t have been better. I’ve been reading the testimonials in your newsletter for years, and now I why so many people write to praise what the hospital does! Your new ER addition is marvelous and everyone who works there is superb.”

Linda Magyar, Torrington, CT (2024)

“I am a woman with strong opinions about health care, based on my many years as a recipient of medical services in eight states. Some of my experiences were good, most were average, and a few were awful. For the past 20 years, I have received services from Grace Cottage’s clinic, ER, PT, lab, radiology, and pharmacy. I recommend that other hospitals study Grace Cottage, learn how they do what they do, and make that the standard for which all health care facilities should aspire. Grace Cottage is that good, and functions that well. I can think of nothing, not one thing, negative to say about Grace Cottage and the folks who work there. They deserve every accolade they receive.”

Mary McCoy, Windham, VT (2024)

“The speed with which you handled my problem in your Emergency Department was excellent. I am a retired nurse (ICU & Pediatric ICU). Your staff was professional and knowledgeable. The care was on par with a big university hospital.”

Judith Neyer, Pittsburgh, PA (2024)

“I can’t tell you how nice it was to be greeted at the ER so warmly. I was cared for quickly and efficiently and all of the staff was so kind and caring. Nothing could have been better. It was a great experience.”

Cynthia Gubb, Londonderry, VT (2024)

“I’ve made two different visits to your ER with pretty severe sciatic pain and felt relieved from the moment I stepped into the hospital. Every person I dealt with treated me like a neighbor instead of just another patient. I can’t think of anything that could have been improved during my visit. I appreciate the effort to help me with the pain, and praise the personal touch that patients receive at Grace Cottage.”

Dave Tiffany, Hollis, NH (2024)

“Having spent several days as an inpatient at Grace Cottage Hospital recently, I’m grateful for the superb care that I received from everyone there, particularly the fine doctors and nurses. It is a tremendous benefit to our community to have such wonderful medical care right here.”

David Stettler, Townshend, VT (2023)

“During my recent stay at Grace Cottage, I learned that the work I’ve done over the years to support the hospital was all worth it! Everyone was kind and attentive, the physical therapy is great, and the food is five-star!”

Sarah Messenger, Townshend, VT (2023)

“Your Emergency Department is quick and efficient. I felt calmer knowing everyone was very knowledgeable, and they knew exactly what to do when I had a heart issue.”

John Fusto, Massapequa, NY (2023)

“My husband and I have sometimes contemplated moving elsewhere to be closer to family or more services, but whenever we start talking about it, we realize that we can’t stand the idea of going anywhere but Grace Cottage for our primary and ER care. We both know that there is no place like Grace Cottage when it comes to receiving the personal, professional health care that we’ve enjoyed for so many years.”

Marion Dowling & Sidney Johnson, Newfane, VT (2023)  

“I came to your Emergency Department frightened, anxious, and in pain, with little knowledge of the source of my pain, but fearing the worst. Your team displayed a collective ability to understand the complexities of providing medical care and to translate that understanding, mixing the right portions of keen observation, sound judgement, and kind words to deliver precisely what I needed during my care. They steadfastly worked as a team in a manner that recognized our shared humanity, supported my dignity, and built trust. It is this grace and compassion combined with the multitude of acts of thoughtfulness and kindness that reverberated throughout the process that has left me with a permanent sense of gratitude. Your team exemplified the very best care for which any patient could ask.”

John Harrington, Dummerston, VT (2023)

“Our visit to the ER was superb. The staff was wonderful and professional. Everyone showed compassion and genuine caring in a very scary situation.”

Abigail Dillon, Townshend, VT (2023)

“I would like to thank everyone at Grace Cottage for the wonderful care I received when I came into the Emergency Department in June and spent the night. Everyone involved in my care was fantastic, and Doug and Jim in the kitchen even made me a breakfast sandwich! We are so blessed to have this hospital in the Valley.”

Maureen Holden, Newfane, VT (2023)

“The Emergency Department staff were kind, personable, courteous, and on time!”

Roy Coburn, Windham, VT (2023)

“I loved how the staff took care of me. I was treated like a queen! The staff was polite, friendly, and caring.”

Dixie Graham, Peru, VT (2023)

“I recently asked many of the nurses providing care to my mom, “how does Grace Cottage find so many compassionate and wonderful nurses to work here?” Their replies were 1. We love our jobs 2. Grace Cottage treats us well! So thankful that they are here!

Peggy Hanson, Arlington, VT (2023)

“I was overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who helped care for me when I was an inpatient at Grace Cottage. The kindness and love shown to me completely boosted my healing. At Grace Cottage, the patient is not treated as an object to be poked, prodded, and pushed, but a partner in the plan to get better. It’s extraordinary.”

Stephen Stearns, Brattleboro, VT (2023)

“I was welcomed the moment I arrived at the door of the ER. My husband was invited to provide insurance information and check in while I was brought to a room. Josh and Liz were communicative, thorough, and beyond kind. Thanks to Josh’s flexibility and willingness to speak with my doctor from my home state, I was able to schedule a follow-up and subsequent surgery quickly, and discharge from the ER in a reasonable time. I can’t thank Grace Cottage enough. I’m so grateful for your care!”

Elaine Flynn, Hanson, MA (2023)

“The ER staff is so caring and so friendly and there is usually not much of a wait. Nothing could be improved. I absolutely loved the nurse and doctor who treated me.”

Christine Hudson, Wardsboro, VT (2023)

“I highly recommend Grace Cottage to my family and friends. Thumbs up to a great team!”

Edward Agoes, Putney, VT (2023)

“I visited your emergency room and was really impressed with the whole experience. The staff are wonderful, and everything flowed as easily and quickly as could be expected. A referral to a specialist was done right away. And importantly, I received a printout of what I needed to know and do. It was VERY CLEAR how essential Grace Cottage is to our lives and how very fortunate we are to have it.”

Charli Kilian, Londonderry, VT (2023)

“During the time I’ve been at Grace Cottage, I’ve never received so much encouragement in my life! Everyone is so friendly, entirely polite, and very optimistic about my progress.  It’s been a revelation to me. I’m 84 and I’ve only ever been in a hospital once before, but I can tell you and everyone that Grace Cottage is exceptional.”

Shirley Capron, North Walpole, NH (2023)

“When I fell while delivering Meals on Wheels in May, 2022, I finished up my work and got myself to Grace Cottage’s Emergency Department, knowing they would take care of me. What a relief! I was immediately taken care of as soon as I walked into the emergency entrance and they took wonderful care of me. After receiving stitches and a cast, I drove home!”

Jean Momaney, Dummerston, VT (2023)

“After my surgery, they asked me where I wanted to go to recover. ‘Grace Cottage!’ I answered. They asked me why. I told them, ‘Because they have wonderful food!’”

Len Bugel, South Londonderry, VT (2023)

“I knew that Grace Cottage was a great place before we needed it for Phil’s care, but I never knew how great until we had to be there in the Loving Care room. Allowing me to be with my husband 24 hours of the day, and allowing my family to come anytime was wonderful. Dr. Arnold was always there for me and she kept Phil comfortable. The nurses and the kitchen crew were all so kind. There is just no place like Grace Cottage.”

June Dibble, Wardsboro, VT, (2023)

“When I came into your ER, I was about as uncomfortable as I have ever been. Your team was there immediately, no waiting. Phil Schafer, Rachel Spengler, and Sara Nystrom quickly worked together to make me comfortable, find the cause of my discomfort, and arranged transport to Dartmouth Health for surgery, which took place the following day. I knew I was in good hands from the start, and that was very comforting.”

Jeanette Underwood, Wardsboro, VT (2023)

“I love Grace Cottage so much, so I was more than happy to help them with a Charitable Gift Annuity.”

Honey Loring, Brattleboro, VT (2023)

“I’ve been very fortunate to have found Juliette Carr available to see new patients at such an amazing place like Grace Cottage. Her willingness to use herbal medicine as a first choice where appropriate really appeals to me.”

Brian Ireland, Brattleboro, VT (2023)

“Ode to Grace Cottage

To all at Grace Cottage we send our thanks
The Salomon Girls & especially Dad Frank
A great health facility in a such a little town?
Really? Most folks would skeptically frown.

Administrators, doctors, nurses et al
Are the BEST & always there & on call.
Such nice & gifted people are hard to find
Even the food: you think you’ve fine dined.

If you have to get sick, it’s the place to go
The care, the people, the setting is just so!
So, we raise our glasses to the GC team
They are the ideal about which we dream.”

Lisa, Yana and Frank Salomon, Brattleboro, VT (2023)

I have no memory of the accident on Sept. 27, 2022, that landed me in the hospital for two months, or of the quick response of the Bernardston EMS folks, along with my brother, who helped stabilize me. What I do remember are some wonderful people on my journey to recovering. It’s with huge gratitude that I want to thank Baystate Medical and two amazing surgeons, Dr. Smit and Dr. Burns. I also want to thank Rescue, Inc. They have a great crew who delivered me safely to and from appointments. I want to thank Grace Cottage Hospital and the Rehab department. I don’t think I’d be where I am today in my recovery without each and every one of them. They are incredibly kind, nurturing, and knowledgeable. My husband, Bruce, and I have felt such an outpouring of support from this community. Thank you.”

Kate Conway, Williamsville, VT (2023)

“Many thanks for your care, concern, and help with Mark’s recovery when he was in Grace Cottage Hospital. You have a lovely hospital and your efforts are very much appreciated.”

Mark & Stasi DiMiceli, Williamsville, VT (2023)

“The staff at Grace Cottage is wonderful. Everyone is so nice and helpful.”

Helga Piel, New York, NY (2023)

“I love your hospital. It’s so homey and the people are so nice and caring.”

Jane Cullen, Keene, NH (2023)

“I love your Emergency Department. Everyone there is so nice and knowledgeable. They’d do anything for you, and it’s nice because it’s small. Everyone I’ve come into contact with at Grace Cottage loves working there, and it shows!”

Donna Rice, Grafton, VT (2023)

“I’ve gotten the very best care of my life, here at Grace Cottage.”

Mary Jane Finnegan, West Dover, VT (2023)

“When they asked me at Dartmouth where I wanted to recover from my surgery, I said ‘Grace Cottage’. They said, ‘And your 2nd and 3rd choices?’ I replied, ‘Grace Cottage, and Grace Cottage’. It’s the place to be!”

Dr. Roger Fox, Londonderry, VT (2022)

“I was taken to the Grace Cottage ER after a serious biking accident in Winhall. It was a very busy evening in the ER, but the doctor and staff wasted no time in getting me comfortable and attending to my injuries. I didn’t even need to leave my ER room for X-rays and stitches. They were all so knowledgeable and caring. We are so fortunate to have Grace Cottage and its excellent care team so nearby.”

Greg Underwood, Jamaica, VT (2022)

“I’ve visited people who were patients at Grace Cottage, so when Dartmouth asked me where I’d like to go, I asked for Grace Cottage. The physical and occupational therapists were outstanding, and the doctors are so approachable. The food is excellent, with little touches that make it feel like home. I couldn’t have been happier with my stay.”

Barbara Page, Hinsdale, NH (2022)

“I was at Grace Cottage for eight weeks this summer, so I got to know everyone and I didn’t want to leave! The nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists – everyone became like family. In all my time at Grace Cottage, every nurse, every therapist always arrived in my room with a smile, wanting to help me heal. There’s no place better than Grace Cottage.”

Theresa Smart, Dummerston, VT (2022)

“I came to your ER via an ambulance from Stratton, having suffered a head injury while skiing. You gave me (and my family) incredible care. Thorough, timely, attentive, and compassionate. Well, well done. On a scale of 1-10, this was a 15! Despite a very scary situation, I am so thankful that I made it to Grace Cottage. You all are heroes!”

Jeff Chilson, Westport, CT (2022)

“I came to Grace Cottage for help with a knee that hurt to bend, and was given exercises by your outpatient physical therapists that also helped my back. I did them daily for months after treatment ended, then went on a trip and walked or biked every day for 45 minutes, and my back stopped hurting! I thought it was just going to get worse for the rest of my life, but all I needed was to walk! The ‘bridge’ exercise was my favorite and all my homework gave me the strength to start walking without whining. ALSO, my cholesterol level plummeted in a 40-day period! So THANK YOU!”

Theresa Maggio, Newfane, VT (2022)

“The nurses and doctor in the ER could not have been any better when I experienced a hand injury recently. I wouldn’t change a thing about my visit (other than the fact that I had to go the ER in the first place!). At age 73, it was my very first visit to an ER and it was all positive. ”

Frank Biolsi, Jr. Brookline, VT (2022)

“I was so impressed by the way my wife was treated in hospice care at Grace Cottage. You not only took wonderful care of Donna, but also of our entire family. I will never forget this.”

Chet Taft, Manchester Center, VT (2022)

“As always, the Emergency Department staff at Grace Cottage was as good as it gets.”

Bob Stupp, Wardsboro, VT (2022)

“We’ve always had such good care at Grace Cottage. Everyone is so caring and friendly. After my stroke, they took the time to explain everything and made sure I understood what was happening and what to expect. At a difficult time, it was very comforting.”

Alison Williams, West Dover, VT (2022)

“Very friendly personnel, hardly any wait time, everything was perfect during my Grace Cottage ER visit this winter! I’m glad to know that we have a first-rate hospital in our area!”

Matt Jenkins, Jamaica, VT (2022)

“Everyone at Grace Cottage is caring, professional, kind and personable. The people are so kind and thoughtful. You have the best hospital I have ever been in. You have a great staff, and all I’ve been taking about since I was there is what a great place it is!”

Gloria Hall, Oxford, CT (2022)

“Grace Cottage is the best in every way. Everyone who works here is so friendly and professional. The nurses and physical therapists are great, and the food is spectacular – I have never said that about any other hospital that I’ve been in, and I’ve been in a lot of them!”

Len Bugel, South Londonderry, VT (2022)

“Grace Cottage is wonderful. I’ve been an inpatient here for two weeks, going home tomorrow, and I can’t say enough good things. The nurses work together and get along so well; we’ve had some great times and laughs together! They’re friendly, nice, helpful, and on top of everything, and they communicate among themselves and with patients so well. The physical and occupational therapists encourage you to work hard to get better, and they do it very well; they don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. And everyone in housekeeping makes sure that everything is so sparkling clean! I couldn’t ask for more.”

Betty Sutowski, Bellows Falls, VT (2022)

“If you have to go to  a hospital, Grace Cottage is the place to go! Over the years, my husband and I have received first-rate care at the ER, in the hospital, at radiology, and in the lab. I feel compelled to commend the entire organization and staff. My recent 4-day stay at the hospital was so positive, not just with the care that I received, but also experiencing such caring and positive teamwork with everyone that I encountered. Having been with other family members in larger hospitals, staying at Grace Cottage was a breath of fresh air. Not only did everyone work towards healing me, but they all did it with such grace, respect, competence, and teamwork. Grace Cottage is special. I am so grateful to have such a great little ‘hospital with a big heart,’ family practice, and Messenger Valley Pharmacy near my home.”

Marie Tattersall, Brookline, VT (2022)

“I came into Grace Cottage’s ER with a dislocated shoulder and was in quite some pain. I walked in and was given a bed within 5 minutes. The entire staff was so calm, comforting, and courteous to me. I would total recommend Grace Cottage for anyone who gets injured in this neck of the woods!”

Zachary Smith, Schenectady, NY (2022)

“While I was in the hospital in 2020 and 2021 for back surgery rehab I was amazed at how accommodating the food service department was of my needs. Being a vegetarian they came right into my room and worked with me on what foods I enjoyed to help make my stay the best it could be. When I left from my inpatient rehab I went in to thank the staff for being so helpful and for creating such delicious meals.”

Tina Emery-Howe (2022)

“I was completely blown away by the care I received recently in Grace Cottage’s Emergency Department. I couldn’t believe how positive everyone was, and I received kind, courteous, and wonderful care from everyone. And the doctors I’ve had there for my primary care have been the greatest people.”

Harold “Chip” Sweda, East Dover, VT (2022)

“I rate the care given to both myself and my wife in your Emergency Department as top notch! Everyone was professional and took our care personally, as if we were family. The staff is exceptional, knowledgeable, and efficient. A 10 out of 10!”

Michael Cariello, Riverhead, NY & West Wardsboro, VT (2022)

“Everyone at Grace Cottage is so wonderful. They make you feel very comfortable. When I had surgery in October, I told the people at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center that they shouldn’t bother looking anywhere else for my rehab care because I wanted to go to Grace Cottage and nowhere else. This place feels like coming home.”

Tina Emery-Howe, Dummerston, VT (2022)

“From the moment we called, to arrival, check-in, and entire treatment, your ER was a wonderful experience. And, unlike other ERs, it wasn’t hours of waiting. Very efficient and professional with great care and attention. Despite it being Thanksgiving Day, your staff made me feel important and well cared for. They got me back to my holiday festivities in no time, and my cut healed beautifully. You can’t even see the stitches!”

Hilary Tanner, Fairfield, CT and Stratton, VT (2022)

“The biggest ‘Thank You’ for once again rehabbing another of my joints. Without help from the best Physical Therapy Department in southern VT, I would not be able to return to my favorite water sports. When asked how I’ve recovered so well, I always say that the physical therapists, assistants, and the office staff at Grace Cottage are the best around, encouraging and taking a genuine interest in getting you back to living your life fully.”

Margaret Carusona, Townshend, VT (2022)

“I received the best care in your ER!! I loved how thorough the provider was with my tests and treatment. I felt that every concern of mine was very well taken care of. Thank you!”

Michelle Vicary, East Dover, VT (2022)

“Grace Cottage has very kind and compassionate staff!”

Gretchen Hartmann, Grafton, VT & Blue Hill, ME (2022)

“We can sincerely say that all of our visits to your ER have been above excellent, from start to finish.”

Stuart & Ellen Archambault, Londonderry, VT (2022)

“I just love everything about Grace Cottage. Everyone is so personable and professional. I can’t say enough good things. Grace Cottage Family Health & Hospital is absolutely the best.”

Jackie Gaines, Gaines Farm, Guilford, VT (2022)

“We were so grateful for your caring staff and the wonderful care my husband received!”

Mary Stockwell, Brattleboro, VT (2022)

“This summer, I got a call that my 11-year-old son was being carried out of the woods and being put into an ambulance, after he fell while mountain biking at sleepaway camp in Vermont. We drove from out of state to find your staff had made him calm and comfortable for his first-ever ER visit. All the staff were friendly, caring and clear. Sarah Nystrom gently washed around my son’s wound. Josh Rosenblum did a great job, carefully examining the wound and nearby structures. His calm, straightforward manner helped my son. He performed a complex multilayered suture repair of a nasty deep gash. My son’s wound has healed well. In addition to being a mother, I’m a full-time Emergency Physician. We can be very challenging patients, especially when away from our familiar places. In addition to clinical competence, I noticed every exchange of easy professional camaraderie as staff popped in and out, looking out for each other while balancing patient flow. Every step of our care at Grace Cottage reassured me, so I could relax as a mother instead of an off-duty physician.”

Whitney Scholz, Northampton, MA (2021)

“My experience in your Emergency Department this summer was beyond great. Rachel Spengler was the medical provider and was outstanding. The nurse was wonderful, and so was the receptionist. Nothing could have been improved upon!”

Jim Saulnier, West Dover, VT (2021)

“My husband and I wanted to write to you to say how grateful we are for Dr. George Terwilliger’s kind and attentive care of our daughter in Grace Cottage’s Emergency Department early last year. We were visiting from the UK for my brother’s wedding in Grafton when our 18-month-old daughter developed a very high temperature. We were overwhelmed by the kindness and professionalism of everyone whom we encountered at your hospital; they seemed to be doing everything they possibly could to assess and help our daughter, and to put her (and us!) at ease. It was a uniquely positive experience of healthcare that we will never forget. We have immense gratitude for all that your team did for us. Our daughter recovered well after some additional treatment at MDH in Boston and is extremely healthy and happy!

Sarah Tebbit, Oxford, England (2021)

“We have had exceptional experiences (several) at Grace Cottage’s Emergency Department. Each and every time we are treated with utmost concern, courtesy, and care. The personnel are exceptional in their efforts. Not one thing could be improved upon!”

Betsy Beardsley, West Brattleboro, VT (2021)

“There is no single part of our experience in the Grace Cottage Emergency Department that stands out above any other because it was all great. The staff kept the mood light and got to know us personally in a way that made us feel they were our friends. The entire experience was as much of a pleasure as the ER after a traffic accident can be — a 10 out of 10! We want to give extra kudos to medical providers Josh Rosenblum and John Curran.”

John & Johanna Thrower, Williamsville, VT (2021)

“Grace Cottage is the best. We are so lucky to have you folks so close. Every one of you is so nice and so helpful.”

Helen Holt, Townshend, VT (2021)

“Everyone at Grace Cottage was quite friendly. I think that Grace Cottage is a wonderful place and I recommend it to everyone.”

Bea Allen, Chester, VT (2021)

“Grace Cottage is truly an oasis of healing, caring, and serenity, an amazing blend of hospital, country retreat, and all-inclusive healing center. Everyone at Grace Cottage–doctors, nurses, therapists, housekeepers, dieticians–do their work from the heart, with compassion, kindness, and caring. With every day that passes, I’m more convinced that Grace Cottage is paradise on earth. Truly this is a place of Grace.”

Ann Newsmith, Brattleboro, VT (2021)

“Grace Cottage is a cut above everywhere else.”

Kingsley Martin, Newfane VT (2021)

“This was by far the BEST Emergency Room experience I have ever had, I barely waited at all and I was helped and discharged in a very reasonable amount of time.”

Bart Hopkins, Middletown, RI (2020)

“We are so grateful for the exceptional care our family received at Grace Cottage as my son and his wife came to Vermont to shelter from Covid with their brand-new baby. It was a stressful time as they adjusted to life as parents, working remotely, and navigating a pandemic. Dr. Ewa Arnold helped us to connect with Dr. Elizabeth Linder, who was wonderful. Grace Cottage has helped us so much!”

Joan McBean, Brattleboro, VT (2020)

“The care at Grace Cottage – in the whole place there – is outrageously amazing.”

Gunther Garbe, Newfane, VT (2020)

“I’ve been in lots of hospitals, and I’ve never had bad care, but I’ve never before received the level of care that I have here at Grace Cottage. Everyone is so friendly, so concerned about my physical and emotional well-being. I am so overwhelmed, impressed, and humbled by what everyone does here. Everyone here goes the extra mile – it’s the most supportive environment I’ve ever been in. The nurses and therapists are so proactive about care, and such great cheerleaders for their patients.”

A patient from Brattleboro, VT (2020)

“I felt like I was a guest in someone’s home rather than a patient in an Emergency Room. Everyone was warm and welcoming. Thank you for making a bad situation (an injury) more bearable!”

Jennifer Hoffman, Lido Beach, NY (2020)

“This was my first visit to Grace Cottage’s ER and, just as I’ve read for years, I can’t say enough positive words about my care there recently. Everyone was so compassionate and kind to me and to my husband. I am thrilled to know that we have an excellent health care facility near us and Grace Cottage’s retail pharmacy across the road.”

Dr. Rachel Lovins, Grafton, VT (2019)

“When I came to Grace Cottage’s ER, I was greeted and given help right away. The staff were all friendly and professional and they listened, treating me with compassion and respect all throughout my visit. I can’t think of anything that could have been improved.”

John Dunham, East Dummerston, VT (2019)

“I came to the Grace Cottage ER when I fell and broke my wrist at our second home in Wardsboro, and everyone was wonderful. I was seen right away, and was out as quickly as possible. Every staff member was fantastic and my experience was very pleasant. The only way my experience could have been improved is if I hadn’t fallen in the first place!”

Eileen Withington, Watertown, CT (2019)

“When we visited Grace Cottage’s ER, Dr. Moss Linder was absolutely great. We just can’t praise him enough. The nursing staff was also incredible; they had things quite under control and ready when we arrived in an ambulance. The entire staff was courteous, kind, respectful, compassionate, and professional. The care we received from all involved was A+++!”

Dennis & Gretchen Fendo, West Wardsboro, VT (2019)

“I was a patient at Grace Cottage Hospital for about a week, recovering from pneumonia. It was an excellent experience in every way; nothing could have been improved upon. Everyone is so friendly, warm, professional, and helpful. It’s really a fantastic place – what more can I say?!”

Don Lawrence, Grafton, VT (2019)

“Grace Cottage Hospital is awesome and the staff support is amazing. After the Halloween storm this year, I was trying to pull a fallen tree out of the middle of the road and the branch snapped, so I tumbled down the hill and broke all kinds of bones. My boyfriend brought me to Grace Cottage, I was taken to Dartmouth’s Trauma Bay, and then I came back to Grace Cottage four days later. I’ve never had such a good time after being hurt! The rehab therapists and nurses are the best; the schedule is aggressive, but considerate; and the meals are great too!”

Kathy McLeod, Wardsboro, VT (2019)

“Dr. Moss Linder saved my life and I’ll never forget it. When we were living in southeastern Vermont, I found a lump on my breast and got a clean mammogram, but Dr. Linder insisted that I go back for a second mammogram because breast cancer runs in my family. He called, wrote a letter, and hounded me (in a sweet, doctor-like way) until I did it. The follow-up showed that the lump was cancerous and the prior mammogram just missed it. I had a mastectomy at Dartmouth Hitchcock, and chemo at Brattleboro Memorial because I had a pre-engaged lymph node and I didn’t have much more time before it would have spread. Eight years later, and cancer-free, I totally give credit for my being alive to Dr. Linder.”

Lisa Dufresne, Deerfield, NH (2019)

“Grace Cottage Family Health is worth a trip from anywhere! When we moved closer to Rutland several years ago, I knew that I wanted to continue to come to Grace Cottage. The providers have all been great, taking the time to listen to me. Other clinics that I have tried have only served to remind me that there is no other place like Grace Cottage. I know that I am in the care of knowledgeable and caring providers.”

Sharon Nickels, Shrewsbury, VT (2019)

“The quality of care at Grace Cottage was excellent. Grace Cottage is to be congratulated of having gotten its corporate culture right. I’m aware how hard it is to achieve a great environment. The nurses who attended me not only were patient oriented, but without exception, appeared to love their jobs and working at Grace Cottage. It was a pleasure to be under their care.”

Inge Cassidy, South Londonderry, VT (2017)

“We were visiting our Stratton condo when my husband was admitted to your ER at 10 p.m. on September 22nd due to acute pain related to kidney stones. Dr. Kenny Rudd and the ER team did a wonderful job of making Bob comfortable. When they saw on his chart that his birthday was September 23rd, they came into his ER room singing Happy Birthday, with a “cake” made of ice chips in a cup  with a cotton swab “candle.” He enjoyed his ice chips, which was all he was permitted to eat, under the circumstances. Thank goodness for Grace Cottage!”

Sue Hallenbeck, Baltimore, MD & Stratton, VT (2017)

“I want to thank Grace Cottage’s occupational and physical therapists for their compassion and skills, as well as your nurses and doctors. Actually, to be inclusive, I can commend the entire staff. Grace Cottage is large enough to offer an array of services, but it is also small enough to be personable and to target each individual’s needs.”

Seeley Morton, Chester, VT (2017)

“Grace Cottage saved my husband’s life. He was stung by a wasp when we were visiting our home in Vermont and by the time I got him to Grace Cottage he was having trouble breathing. The medical staff treated him immediately, and even avoided having to cut off his wedding ring by having him keep his arm above his head. The care was wonderful. We have since sold our vacation home in Vermont.  As an expression of our gratitude for your superb care, we continue to contribute to your fine hospital.”

Penny Panayotou, New Fairfield, CT (2017)

“I was a patient at Grace Cottage recently and I was amazed at the care I got. Every time I rang the bell, I didn’t have to wait – a nurse would be right there. You don’t get that everywhere!”

Pam Pellerin, Brattleboro, VT (2017)

“Thank you so much for the wonderful care from all of the staff members at Grace Cottage. I appreciated all the sunshiny faces every day!”

Nancy Wright, Charlestown, NH  (2017)

“After I had a heart procedure at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, I came to Grace Cottage because I had heard a lot of good things about the care here. This place is like an oasis in the desert. The care was unbelievably focused on me. I never met any employee who didn’t know what to do and who didn’t step in to help. The staff members all fit together like a family and this is also how they treat patients – just like family. Grace Cottage has a very interesting history and a good mission, and this hospital is exactly what its mission statement says it is. You really do put patients first. I’ve been in a lot of hospitals and other places try to do this, but it doesn’t come across. Grace Cottage is very unique and more people need to know about you!”

Ken Moulton, Weston, VT   (2017)

“I was a patient at Grace Cottage for five weeks this spring, and every employee I came in contact with during that entire time was so happy and so helpful, including dietary, housekeeping and laundry staff, nurses, doctors, and therapists. Nurses always answered my call bell promptly, whether it was day or night. The hospital is so clean and the food is great. I had a very pleasant stay!”

Joan Bourque, Bondville, VT (2017)

“The care at Grace Cottage is incredible – very top shelf, and the range of services that you offer is just amazing. When I moved to this area, I heard from friends and neighbors that it’s a ‘Gem in the Woods’, and now, after my many personal experiences, I know it’s true.”

Rich Downing, Williamsville, VT (2017)

“This donation from us is a token of our appreciation for the work of the staff in early 2017 when I brought my wife Catherine into the Emergency Room suffering a heart attack.  Their quick actions saved her in the midterm and got her to Dartmouth quickly where she could receive the stents she needed. We are forever grateful.  Having brought our children to Grace Cottage since they were infants (now 18 and 21), we have valued the care you give for many years.”

Gerald Leape, Washington, D.C. & Newfane, VT (2017)

Regarding a recent visit to the Emergency Department: “It was very busy that day and the experience was exceptional none the less. Everyone, including patients, seemed happy to be there. Dr. Rudd was on that day. He has a very nice way about him. Professional, calm, and super friendly — another asset of which Grace Cottage has many.”

Peter Hoag, W. Townshend, VT (2016)

“Our family would like to express our sincere appreciation to Grace Cottage for the outstanding care you gave to our mother, Jeannine Abare. From the first day, we noticed the professional and compassionate attitude the doctors and staff exhibited to all of their patients. The level of care we observed from those who were responsible for our Mom made us feel that she was in good hands, even when we weren’t there. Our family would like to thank you ALL from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did for our Mom, for the wonderful care you provided to her, for us, and for every kind word spoken. We were so touched that you made this time easier and loving.”

Reginald Abare & family, Westminster, VT (2016)

“Grace Cottage is special to many. When Harold broke his hip years ago he received excellent care and was treated like a member of the family. We will be forever grateful that Grace Cottage is part of the health care choices in this area. Thank you for all you keep doing.”

Harold & Jean Newell, Dummerston, VT (2016)

“I want to let you all know what a wonderful experience I had at Grace Cottage. There are not enough words to tell you what wonderful care I had. The nurses were great, knowledgeable, and skillful. They all seemed to love their job. They took their time to talk, make me laugh, and to educate me about my illness. They never seemed too hurried to do what I asked. I am a retired nurse and I know what a difficult job nursing is, but if I ever went back to work, I would want to work at Grace Cottage. Your employees obviously enjoy their jobs and that joy rubs off to people like myself. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful place in our community.”

Jill Gentilin, East Dover, VT (2016)

“The staff is all wonderful and it’s people like you going out of your way doing the extra things you do that make Grace Cottage special.”

Cindy Marshall, Bernardston, MA (2016)

“Everyone who works at Grace Cottage is so friendly and reassuring. We are so fortunate to have Grace Cottage there for us 24/7. The hospital may be small in size, but it is huge in every aspect of medical care.”

Ellie Lemire, Townshend, VT (2016)

“I always knew we had a special hospital, but it became more evident when I was a patient for an extended stay. We have the kindest, most compassionate, and special nurses, nursing assistants, physical therapy and occupational therapy staff around. What a fantastic, wonderful place for rehab and to recover from a broken femur.”

Natalie Donovan, Newfane, VT  (2016)

 “Grace Cottage is the very best because people are knowledgeable, caring. The compassion, the cleanliness, the attention to detail, and the patient is well cared for which puts the caregiver’s heart at ease.

Jack & Irma Weinzierl Chester, VT (2015)

“To the doctor and nurse in Emergency Thursday night…I just want to thank you both very much for the care given to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I went home a lot better than when I arrived.”

Jim Wasklewicz, North Walpole, NH (2015)

“Grace Cottage saved my life. I hadn’t felt well for a while and I had chest pains as I was driving past Grace Cottage this fall, so I stopped at the ER. The blood test showed that I was in the middle of a heart attack. I was wrapped up and put on a helicopter to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, where I was on the operating table having a stent put in within 70 minutes of the time I’d walked into the ER at Grace Cottage. I couldn’t have had better or faster treatment if this had happened when I lived in New York.”

Ron Lissak, Bondville, VT (2015)

“We brought my father – who was on death’s door – from Washington state to this amazing place. Within two weeks, he was walking and laughing. My Dad is back! Vermonters do not know how LUCKY they are to have such an amazing set of doctors, nurses and health care specialists. They treat each person as a whole. Their positive attitude is infectious. Doctors and hospital administrators from around the country should be taking field trips here to learn how to improve our health care system”

Nanette Leuschel, San Francisco, CA (2015)

“Just a brief  note of thanks to all the nursing and rehab staff at Grace Cottage. I was a rehab patient in September and the care I received was wonderful. The staff are so kind and caring. On the night of the lunar eclipse I wanted to watch – the staff put me in a wheel chair, with a blanet, and pushed me out to the back proch to watch the eclipse. How many hospitals would do that? My thanks also to the nutrition staff. I was well fed!”

Helen Eddy, Stratton, VT (2015)

“Here I have witnessed many of friends having to stay here at Grace Cottage Hospital. Each time I have visited I have seen some of the best humanitarian and efficient medicine being practiced. Thank you.”

Mark Raymond, via google review (2015)

“Thank you all so much for the wonderful care I received while I was a patient there…for your kindness, understanding, patience, and for taking the time to talk to me and for making me laugh. I miss your company.”

Annie Bellstrom, Brattleboro, VT (2015)

“In February, my brother, James Martin, became a patient in your hospice care. Our family had never been in a hospital where a patient and his family were cared for with such caring and passion. We were very happy to see Jim dressed in a shirt instead of a hospital top, and Lorraine came in to shave him and help keep his spirits up. All the doctors and nurses kept the entire family up to date as to Jim’s failing condition. We were all very grateful for the wonderful, tender, loving care that Jim received, and for your support of all of us. We were all very impressed with the special room for hospice care and another room for family. We are so grateful that Grace Cottage has a special section that allows a patient to have such outstanding care in their final days.”

Stuart & Ellen Archambault, Londonderry, VT (2015)

“You’re not a number here. Everyone knows your name. It feels very homey and comfortable. The professionalism and friendliness are outstanding. They just do a fantastic job.”

 John Allen, Wardsboro, VT (2015)

“Grace Cottage is filled with such wonderful staff members.  Whether a patient or a family member or friend visiting, you are welcomed with a smile and made to feel as though you are part of a community.  I am eternally grateful for the manner in which both mom and dad [Ragna & Magnor Somme of West Wardsboro, VT] were cared for during their many visits to Grace Cottage.  They were treated like human beings with kindness and caring and professionalism.”

Nancy O’Malley Mahopac, NY  (2015)

“The only thing small about Grace Cottage Hospital is its physical footprint. I was very well taken care of by capable, articulate, and friendly professionals from start to finish. Thank you, one and all.”

Jim Sexton, Granbury, TX (2015)

“When we first came to Vermont 25 years ago, ‘little’ Grace Cottage Hospital sat quietly beside the road, and I remember my thought each time I passed – how can patients be treated in such a small center? I had worked in medical records at a hospital in New Jersey, which was undergoing lots of changes to keep up with regulations and other necessities to guarantee governmental and other insurance payments. Several years after I left, that hospital closed. I’m so glad that Grace Cottage is on top of everything and growing.”

Lois Sippel, Saxtons River, VT (2015)

“We couldn’t ask for anything better than Grace Cottage Hospital!”

Warren & Ruby Baur, Bondville, VT (2015)

“I am a patient of Dr. Moss Linder’s for more than just his medical acumen – he has genuine feelings for the emotional needs of his patients.”

Jay Karpin, Brattleboro, VT (2015)

“We just got home from Grace Cottage as my husband spent two days there. Thank all of you for such good caring-care. There is no hospital on earth like our Grace Cottage.”

Ellie Lemire, Townshend, VT (2015)

“I just spent a week at Grace Cottage after being released from Dartmouth-I arrived at Grace Cottage and felt like I was home. All the staff are extra nice and work hard to make you better. If I am sick, Grace Cottage is where I want to be. Thank you!”

Catherine Dauchy, Jamaica, VT (2014)

“I wish to thank the entire staff for their wonderful care during my stay at Grace Cottage. Your skill and kindness to me as patient were truly appreciated and I must admit that I have missed your care and friendship since returning to Maine. I am a walking advertisement for Grace Cottage Hospital, spreading its reputation in mid-coast Maine. Thank you all for your skill and commitment to the patients of Grace Cottage.”

Sally Carignan, Brunswick, ME (2014)

“I can’t speak highly enough of Grace Cottage. You should be so proud of what you all do at Grace Cottage, everyone including doctors, nurses, even the kitchen staff, everyone is so marvelous, and I tell everyone I know.”

Julie Merrigan, Brattleboro, VT (2014)

 “Thank you all for your wonderful care during my visit to your Emergency Room in May. It was so good to see so many people there to care for me when I was feeling very ill, and thank you for letting my family members be there with me.”

Ellen Archambault, Londonderry, VT (2014)

“My four-year-old grandson had an asthma attack while we were at our home in Windham this summer. Our family was greatly pleased with the wonderful people that not only took care of my grandson, but made his sisters comfortable with cookies and milk, coloring books, and crayons. Everyone was compassionate and very friendly. Thank you for all your support and comfort; my grandson is now doing fine.”

Joann Rogers, Norwalk, CT (2014)

“The best of care was given to me when I was a patient at Grace Cottage, by everyone who works there. You seemed like a family to me, making what was a hard experience much more bearable thanks to the kindness and caring that was shown to me by everyone.  All the therapy I had was excellent!”

Marybelle Riendeau, Chester, VT (2014)

“ I was born at Grace Cottage Hospital and when I was 3 ½ years old, I broke my pelvis. I spent six weeks in traction at Grace Cottage, then six weeks of learning to walk again, at home. I am grateful to say that not only have I had no ill effects from that accident, but I was even able, ultimately, to birth 4 healthy children. Keep that small town hospital going!”

Susan Doak, Woolwich, ME (2014)

“I had a fabulous experience in Grace Cottage’s ER in the middle of the night recently. The entire staff went out of their way to help me out.”

John Nappi, Berlin, CT (2014) 

“Every visit I have made to the Grace Cottage Hospital Emergency Room – and there have been a few over the years – confirms what a very special place it is.”

Carol Pacun, Grafton, VT (2014)

“We all have many roads we travel. Lately, mine has had a lot of stays in hospitals. I am pleased to say that of all the places I’ve been on my journey, Grace Cottage is without question the best!”

Gary O’Neal, Ashuelot, NH (2014)

“Grace Cottage Hospital is a real jewel. The whole attitude and ambiance of the hospital and the entire staff is so positive. I wish I could stay longer!”

Stu Norwood, Ludlow, VT (2013)

“Grace Cottage does the impossible with incredible, talented people who actually care.”

Jeremy Birch, Putney, VT (2013)

“Grace Cottage is a unique and remarkable institution, really part of the bedrock of our community.”

Barclay Ward, Brookline, VT (2013)

“Thank you, Grace Cottage, for the wonderful care you gave me during my rehab after heart surgery. Our area is so fortunate to have you.”

Laura Carp Solomon, Brookline, VT (2013)

“I recently spent 12 days as an inpatient at Grace Cottage, and I cannot express how extraordinary the staff, at every level, were to me. The care, compassion, kindness and personal attention were far beyond that which I could ever have imagined. I have never encountered a more competent, dedicated, and caring group of people. Grace Cottage truly sets the benchmark for optimal standards in a healthcare facility — perhaps you should take your model on the road to assist other facilities to strive towards your level of excellence.”

Bill Quaine, Grafton, VT (2013)

“We were so very pleased with the exceptional professionalism of all those who helped us in your hospital. Keep up the GREAT work!”

Janet Kirby, Agawam, MA (2013)

“To the Staff at Grace Cottage Hospital, Our family wanted to let you know how thankful we are for the loving kindness and caring you gave to our mom while she was with you. Even though her death has been so hard on us, we take comfort in knowing that mom loved being at Grace Cottage. We think you are very special people!”

The Family of Elaine (Kingsbury) Touchette (2013)

“I was in a lot of pain when I came to your Emergency Department. Thanks to the ease of registration and immediate, compassionate and skilled care, my wife and I left there feeling relieved and grateful.”

Stephen Gessay, Tolland, CT (2013)

“Grace Cottage Saved My Life. This spring, when I kept losing more and more feeling in my legs and arms, Dr. Backus and Family Nurse Practitioner Gia Kennedy knew that something was very wrong with me. They insisted that I go up to Dartmouth Hitchcock right away, where I was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre, an autoimmune virus that could have caused respiratory failure if I hadn’t been treated immediately. Then, when I came back from Dartmouth to Grace Cottage to recover, I was welcomed with open arms and treated with tender, loving care. Everyone is warm, friendly and helpful. You know that you’re recuperating faster because you have all of this positive energy around you at Grace Cottage!”

Laura LaMarche Dauchy, Jamaica, VT (2013)

“My whole time at Grace Cottage was really pleasant, from the Emergency Room until my discharge from the hospital two weeks later. Everyone was more than helpful, and did over and above what I could have expected them to do. When one nurse was busy, the next one took over without any noticeable change. I always felt it takes a special person to be a nurse, but after my hospital stay, I know they all have a special place among God’s angels. If you follow any one of them around, you’ll be surprised at all they know and do. No one can repay the staff for all they did for me, from the nurses, therapy staff, cooks, cleaning, and laundry people— all was just plain friendliness. My time spent at Grace Cottage was an eye-opening experience.”

Florence Staats, South Newfane, VT (2013)

“Grace Cottage is known for professionals and all the new technology, but best of all, the staff. Starting with the emergency room, I was treated royally by the doctor and staff, who were very concerned and careful with me. I loved the nurses and the newspaper delivery guy who was up so early in the morning (Dr. Backus). What a nice place to stay!”

Catherine Dauchy, Jamaica, VT (2013) 

“The care I got while at Grace Cottage couldn’t have been better!”

Kerrie Spinrad, Chester, VT (2013)

I just wanted to let you know how beautiful and wonderful your hospital is—from maintenance for fixing Bill’s AC in his room, to the dietary kitchen staff to housekeeping to the laundry—outstanding! Your nurses—LNAs, LPNs and RNs give such personal care and attention—they were just wonderful. Your PT department—all of them put him through his paces. We love you all. We think Grace Cottage Hospital is topnotch.”

Bill & Linda Bedard, Brattleboro, VT (2013)

“What a welcoming, warm and friendly atmosphere you all have there in your Emergency Department. Thanks for everything!”

Paul Taylor, Redding, CT (2013)

“The care and compassion our aunt [Leona Tabell] received at Grace Cottage was extraordinary. She was able to live her last days with grace and dignity, with minimal medical interference. We wish for more hospitals to adopt this enlightened philosophy. Then ‘extraordinary’ would simply and rightly be ‘the norm.’”

Rich & Melinda Lindauer, Stroudsburg, PA (2013)

“Grace Cottage is such a wonderful hospital. I don’t know what I would do without it.”

Merrillee Harlow, Ludlow, VT (2013)

Grace Cottage Hospital is as close to perfection as anything can get!

Nancy Niven, Jamaica, VT (2013)

“We want to give our sincerest thanks to Dr. Meyer, Walter Rae and Amy Lynch for the excellent treatment and care given to our grandson in your Emergency Room. And a special thanks to Kristina VanDusen for all her help assisting us in finding transportation to Logan Airport for our sister. She did make her flight on time and is now back home in Tokyo. Despite our worries, frustrations and fears, you folks took a large problem and made it much easier to bear. We thank you all.”

Joe & Nanae Valente, Grafton, VT (2013)

“Many thanks to the whole staff for your attention when I needed it. You turned a bad experience into a pleasant situation. Your ER staff was great!”

Paul Volovski, Canton, CT (2013)

“I would like to take this opportunity to send a big THANK YOU to everyone. The nursing staff was always offering to help even when they were busy. The physical therapy staff made me work hard, but it paid off in the progress I made before shipping out for home. The occupational therapy staff helped me re-learn to do the little tasks around the house. I’m doing very well, thanks to you!”

Dick Cooke, Brattleboro, VT (2013)

“Grace Cottage defies modern economics, modern health administration, modern anything other than good sense, commitment, and the tools that help bring good care about.”

Linda Woodbury, Cambridge, MA (2012)

“I received the best care imaginable while a patient at Grace Cottage Hospital. The ambulance attendants, the Emergency Room and nursing staffs and everyone without exception were professional, friendly and caring. Dr. Backus arrived early each morning with the Brattleboro Reformer and checked in each evening as well. I could not be more pleased with the superb care I received — even the food was excellent. Our community is fortunate to have such an outstanding hospital.”

George Hoye, Jamaica, VT (2012)

“After my double-knee replacement at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, I went to another facility for rehab, but that didn’t work out. In my first hour at Grace Cottage, I received more care and attention than I’d gotten in a whole day at the other place. Everyone welcomed me with open arms and I was informed about everything regarding my care and treatment the entire time I was there.”

Joe Speno, Brattleboro, VT (2012)

“Thank you for my wonderful stay at Grace Cottage Hospital. My new knees are wonderful, thanks to your experienced, exceptional physical therapy care. I can now walk without pain, and I no longer limp for the first time in 30 years. The nursing care I received at Grace Cottage was as excellent as my previous stay which, in my opinion, is as good as anyone could hope for.”

Glenda Snyder, Dummerston, VT (2012)

“My wife received prompt and kind attention from your ER staff. Her care included a CT scan, which I thought quite surprising for a facility of your size and remote location. We were very impressed.”

Raymond Bartlett, M.D., Simsbury, CT (2012)

“My time there was enriched by the care, attention, and friendliness of everyone I met, to the extent that I missed you all when I came home. I had long heard commendations of Grace Cottage, and You more than confirmed them. Keep doing the remarkable work that you do. You improve lives in a profound way.”

Joyce Rodgers, Putney (2012)