Wish List

To make a donation that is restricted for the purchase of any of these items, call Andrea, C.J., or Jacki at (802) 365-9109 or e-mail info@gracecottage.org.

Wish List gifts are accepted via check, cash, or credit card (MasterCard, Discover or VISA).


  • Patient Ventilator – $10,000


  • Cardiac Monitoring System – the system will consist of two ER monitors and two monitors for inpatients, with the “motherboard” at the nurses’ station. The total cost is $76,000; $51,533 has been raised to date.
  • Hi-Lo Hospital Bed for Inpatients – We like to replace two beds in the hospital each year with these hi-lo beds that make it easier for patients to get in and out of bed. $3,000 each
  • Fischer-Scientific Refrigerator for Inpatient Pharmacy – keeps inpatient pharmaceuticals at correct temperatures. $4,609
  • Nursing Cart Refresh – we try to replace (upgrade) one nursing computer system on a cart every year so that they’re top-of-the-line. $8,000 each


  • Hausmann 6175 Hi-Lo Stand-In Table – to help rehab patients regain maximum range of motion. $3,904


  • Pediatric Pulse Oximeter –  $660
  • Ear Lavage Unit –  $87
  • Ishihara Books for Testing Color Deficiency –  $39 each, two needed


  • Auto-Floor Scrubber – For use in the hospital, this heavy-duty machine is used to mop and dry floors in patient rooms and in the hallways. $2,200


  • HLA 3500 series snow pusher – for mounting on Grace Cottage truck to clean up parking lots after storms. $3,934


  • Stackable tumblers 6 dozen/case. $81
  • Iced tea dispenser. $108
  • Bib aprons, 24/case. $225.36
  • Waring Commercial Food Processor. $899

The above items are a partial listing of Grace Cottage’s Wish List. For more details about any item on this list, or for additional items, call Andrea Seaton at (802) 365-9109.