Wish List

To make a donation that is restricted for the purchase of any of these items, call Andrea, C.J., or Jacki at (802) 365-9109 or e-mail info@gracecottage.org.

Wish List gifts are accepted via check, cash, or credit card (MasterCard, Discover or VISA).


  • Nurse Cart Refresh (one cart, all functions): $7,000
  • Water Storage Tanks (must be replaced): $8,500
  • Laboratory Sliding Door Refrigerator: $6,340
  • Wireless Scanner Update (all patient care scanners): $10,000
  • Hi-Lo Inpatient Beds (enable patients to get in and out of hospital bed more easily; can be lowered closer to the floor): $5,000 each
  • Commercial Ice Machine:   $1,888
  • Commercial Double-Deck Gas Oven:     $11,995
  • Commercial Floor Scrubber (efficiently and effectively cleans patient rooms and hallways):  $2,200
  • Hospital standard wheelchair:  $175
  • Hospital bariatric wheelchair: $250
  • Wire metal cart for linen transport, housekeeping:  $270
  • Heavy Duty Laundry Cart with Lift:  $536
  • Mandolin for slicing in dietary department:  $113
  • Commercial Food Processor:  $875
  • Commercial ice machine:  $1,888
  • Color-coded pocket thermometers for dietary department: $35
  • Allergen Saf-T-zone Cutting Board, knife, etc.: $130
  • Vertical fruit holder for fresh fruit:  $82
  • Stainless steel frying pans, case of four, different sizes:  $268


  • Saebo Zero gravity mobile arm support machine (for use by patients suffering from neurological and orthopedic conditions that exhibit shoulder weakness):   $6,657
  • NuStep Recumbent Cross Trainer (for use by patients rehabbing from joint replacement, surgery, cardiac event, or stroke):    $6,411
  • Ankle & Foot Orthosis (four, for medium and large feet, for use by patients in outpatient rehab department): $175
  • Figure 8 Hand Therapy Skate Board System $239
  • Therapeutic Instrument Kit for Rehab department to help alleviate pain and return range of motion: $1,745

The above items are a partial listing of Grace Cottage’s Wish List. For more details about any item on this list, or for additional items, call Andrea Seaton at (802) 365-9109.