Grace Cottage Family Health and Hospital

Grace Cottage Video

Grace Cottage, In Townshend Vermont, is a community-based hospital and family health center. The 19-bed hospital is for acute and rehabilitative care. It is equipped with a 24/7/365 emergency department, a palliative care suite, full lab and imaging services. The 13 practitioners at the family health center offer primary care, pediatrics, and mental health care. Out-patient rehabilitative services include physical, occupational, and speech therapy. There is also a full-service public pharmacy on-site.

Healthcare Matters – Ep. 9 The Future of Healthcare in the US

In this episode we will discuss the future of healthcare in the US compared to other parts of the world and how we might achieve a higher return on investment on both a personal and national level. Our guest is Dr. Kenneth Rudd who is an emergency department physician at Grace Cottage Hospital and a family physician at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Family Medicine.

Healthcare Matters – Ep. 8 Men’s Health

Healthcare Matters Ep 8

Bill Monahan, a Registered Nurse and Community Outreach Coordinator, speaks with host Marty Cohn, as they discuss men’s health topics from the cultural barriers men face when seeking medical help, to common sense ways to stay healthy.

Healthcare Matters – Ep. 7 The Role of Nurse Practitioners in Today’s Healthcare System

Healthcare Matters Ep 7

Guest Louise McDevitt, a Nurse Practitioner at Grace Cottage joins host Marty Cohn to discuss the unique role that Nurse Practitioners have played in the evolution of today’s healthcare system.

WCAX TV Visits Grace Cottage

WCAX Generator Video

On January 8th, Vermont television news station, WCAX Channel 3 ran a feature on Grace Cottage Hospital’s campaign to raise remaining funds necessary for the installation of four emergency generators. Thanks to an excellent job by reporter Taylor Young, and compelling interviews with staffers Andrea Seaton, Scott Hitchcock and Jen Good ale, the goal was reached just three days later.

With just over $17,000 to raise towards the goal of $115,793 when the story aired, generous people from all over the state of Vermont made donations. The largest gift, and one that came in completely unexpectedly, was from the Vermont Lions Charities, the Valley Lions Club, and the Troy (Vermont) & Area Lions Club.

Healthcare Matters – Ep.6 Fall Prevention & Inpatient Rehabilitation

Healthcare Matters Ep 6 Fall Prevention & Inpatient Rehabilitation

January guests are Ruth Fleming, a physical therapist who will share important information on preventing falls, and Jessica Emerson, Director of Social Services at Grace Cottage Hospital, who will let us know what you should consider if you or someone you care for does fall.

Healthy Cooking on a Tight Budget

In this cooking class, West River Community Project volunteer Cindy Leszczak and Grace Cottage Hospital Health Coach Liz Harrison present insights on how to approach cooking so that it is nutritious, affordable, and easy. First Liz shares a recipe for black bean brownies – a desert that is actually healthy! Then Cindy talks about “intentional left-overs” – in this case, using pre-roasted chickens for easy meals later in the week: chicken salad, stir fry, fajitas and soup!

Healthcare Matters – Ep. 5 Preparing for the Holidays

Healthcare Matters - Preparing for the Holidays

Marty Cohn hosts episode five of Grace Cottage Hospital’s Healthcare Matters, discussing ways to be good to your mind, body, and spirit throughout December and into the winter, with guests Deb Brown, Diabetes Educator and Caroline Chase, Behavioral Health Counselor. Both are members of Grace Cottage’s Community Health Team that offers free services to area residents.

Healthcare Matters: Ep 4 – Health Insurance in Vermont

Healthcare Matters Episode 4 - Health Insurance in Vermont

Marty Cohn hosts episode four of Grace Cottage Hospital’s Healthcare Matters, discussing health insurance options in Vermont, with guests Jane Wheeler, Resource Advocate and Bill Monahan, a Registered Nurse and Community Outreach Coordinator. Both are members of Grace Cottage’s Community Health Team that offers free services to area residents.

Healthcare Matters: Ep 3 – Women’s Health Screenings

Marty Cohn hosts episode three of Grace Cottage Hospital’s Healthcare Matters, discussing women’s health screening for breast and cervical cancer, as well as osteoporosis, with guests Dr. Ewa Arnold, a primary care provider at Grace Cottage Family Health and Emma Higley, Diagnostic Imaging Manager at Grace Cottage Hospital.