Grace Cottage is “Age-Friendly”

Age Friendly Care

Grace Cottage Family Health & Hospital is an “Age-Friendly Health System.”

Grace Cottage has received its “Age-Friendly” certification from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. IHI calls Grace Cottage “a leader in this rapidly growing movement committed to the care of older adults.”

Age Friendly Health SystemsOlder patients can rest assured that Grace Cottage is “Age-Friendly” based on the IHI’s review of four aspects of Grace Cottage’s clinical approach to health care, what the IHI calls the “4Ms.”

  • What Matters: provide patient-centered care, guided by what is most important to the individual patient.
  • Mentation: prevent, identify, treat, and manage dementia, depression, and delirium.
  • Mobility: encourage older adults to move safely every day.
  • Medication: choose medicine and dosages with the least impact on the other 3Ms. 

“Older adults are living and working longer, and our approach recognizes the unique needs of these important members of our community. We are honored by this certification.”

— Grace Cottage geriatrician Dr. Ron Vallario

“We provide quality care for our patients of all ages, but in view of the fact that Vermont has the second oldest population of any state (after Maine) and Windham County has one of the oldest populations in Vermont, this certification is especially significant for many of our patients.”

— Doug DiVello, Grace Cottage President & CEO

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