Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

Grace Cottage Physical & Occupational Rehabilitation

Not ready to return home after a surgery or another acute hospital stay? Patients recovering from major surgery, stroke, injury, complex wounds, infection, or illness may need and may qualify for what is referred to as “skilled” or “swing bed” (rehabilitative) care, which usually includes physical and occupational rehabilitation therapy.

Did you know that you have a choice as to where you recover?

Read on to learn about Grace Cottage’s inpatient rehabilitative care.

Collaborative Care

Patients who enter Grace Cottage Hospital’s rehabilitation program will receive customized care from an expert inpatient interdisciplinary team in a tranquil rural setting.

Meet Grace Cottage’s award-winning interdisciplinary team:

  • Hospitalist Our Medical Providers are responsible for the care and treatment plan for each patient and visit patients regularly.
  • Skilled Rehabilitation Nurse Skilled Rehabilitation Nurses assist individuals recovering from acute or chronic illness in attaining or maintaining maximum function toward rehabilitation goals.
  • Social Worker – Social Workers act as liaisons for the patient and family, and they help to provide support and to coordinate discharge planning and referrals.
  • Physical Therapist Physical Therapists provide individual sessions as appropriate, up to 7 days/week, or individual, customized sessions twice daily as appropriate. They focus on increasing a patient’s strength, range of motion, and independence with mobility.
  • Occupational Therapist Occupational Therapists provide individual sessions as appropriate, up to 7 days/week, or individual, customized sessions twice daily as appropriate. They help patients to regain coordination and strength, with a focus on activities of daily living such as getting dressed, taking a shower, completing household tasks, and cooking a meal.
  • Registered Dietician Registered Dieticians provide consultations and monitor nutritional needs to maximize health and healing.
  • Activities Coordinator Activities Coordinators assess individual patient interests and promote social and leisure activities.

Our primary goal is to return you to the highest level of independence possible.

How Do I Access Grace Cottage Inpatient Rehabilitation?

Click here: Guide to Inpatient Stays.

For more information, contact Jessica Emerson, Director of Admissions, Social Services & Discharge Planning, at (802) 365-3614 or via email at

Patient Testimonials

“I feel stronger and healthier because of the truly amazing occupational and physical therapy providers, who come in daily to work on increasing my range of motion and building strength with a remarkable assortment of exercises and tools, and who always remind me how far I have come. It is so healing to be supported by such caring, kind, and competent caregivers. With every day that passes, I’m more convinced that Grace Cottage is paradise on earth. Truly this is a place of Grace.”  ~ Ann Newsmith, Brattleboro, VT

“I’ve never had such a good time after being hurt! The rehab therapists and nurses are the best; the schedule is aggressive, but considerate; and the meals are great too!” ~ Kathy McLeod, Wardsboro, VT