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Become a Donor:

Organ and tissue donation and transplantation provide a second chance at life for thousands of people each year. You have the opportunity to be one of the individuals who make these miracles happen.

By deciding to be a donor, you give the gift of hope … hope for the thousands of individuals awaiting organ transplants and hope for the millions of individuals whose lives could be enhanced through tissue transplants.

Use the link below and then select your state to register as an organ, tissue, and eye donor.

A Letter from Dr. Robert Backus

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A Letter from Dr. Robert BackusA Letter from Dr. Robert BackusOctober 2013

Dear Friend of Grace Cottage

Thank you for your support of the little hospital with the big heart. It is a beacon of light in the night to those who need us.

  • Grace Cottage Hospital is a place to come to for personal medical care, wellness care, and for a variety of modern health care services via our family medical clinics.
  • It is a fully-staffed 24-hour-a-day emergency room tied in by jointlydeveloped protocols that can rapidly stabilize and transfer patients with heart attacks, strokes, respiratory failure, and other serious illness by helicopter or land to higher levels of care, if needed.
  • It is a hospital with a highly skilled Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy/Speech team and trained nurses staffing our Rehabilitation beds for people needing post-operative, post-stroke, post-injury care.
    It is also an Acute Care hospital, caring for people with pneumonia, congestive heart failure, cellulitis, and other illnesses not needing a higher level of care.Grace Cottageā€™s Hospice Room was the first one in Vermont. In this lovely two-room setting, our wonderful nurses, doctors, and pharmacy team know how to do palliative care well, with full involvement of the patient and the family.

We are the original community hospital funded, supported, and promoted by you. Without your help, this small hospital and community health care system would not have survived in the seemingly chronic turbulence of our national healthcare system.

Bless you all, who contribute so generously to us.


Bob Backus
Rural Family Doctor
A Letter from Dr. Robert Backus