Volunteers Inspire a New Way to Give

| Donor Stories

Tim Dillistin, of Sterling, VA, shared the following story when sending in a donation to Grace Cottage: “Every January, 27 members of our extended family get together in Virginia for the National Football League’s playoff weekend. This year we couldn’t meet in person, but we still had our usual football pool, and I ended up with 10 vacant slots. So I told my family that I’d buy these slots in the names of my parents, Ed & Lois Dillistin, and I’d donate the money to their favorite charity if they won, which they did! This is why I’ve sent a donation from my parents, who died in 2008 and 2009. Many people in your area may still remember them because they operated a Christmas tree farm for many years at their home on Hill Road in Brookline, VT, and they both volunteered at Grace Cottage. They would have loved that they have given to Grace Cottage from The Great Beyond!” (2021)