Child Immunizations Should Continue

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If you are the parent of a very young child, you may be wondering, “What do I do about my child’s immunizations?” Grace Cottage Family Health has procedures in place so these can be done safely.

“Remember that the recommended immunization schedule for very young pediatric patients follows a frequent pattern. They are recommended at ages of two months, then four, six, twelve, fifteen, and eighteen months. It’s important to stick with this schedule so your child is fully protected,” says Grace Cottage Pediatrician Dr. Elizabeth Linder.

The next immunizations that are recommended for your child are discussed at each wellness visit, but if you don’t remember what’s next or when they should be administered, you can call your Grace Cottage medical provider at 802-365-4331, or send a message if you have signed up for the Grace Cottage Patient Portal (accessible at For more information on recommended immunizations, see

Parents should know that safety is a priority at Grace Cottage Family Health. The clinic has separate entrances for patients who are well and those who are sick, and patients are screened at each entrance to keep them separate. Masks are distributed at each entrance to keep patients safe. Rooms are cleaned between patients, and every safety precaution is being followed.

“Children under age 18 months are the most vulnerable to a variety of diseases, so it is very important to keep up with immunizations,” says Dr. Linder.

To make an appointment, call 802-365-4331.