‘Age-Friendly’ Health Care

Ronald Vallario

Older adults have unique healthcare needs. Grace Cottage Family Health & Hospital has been nationally recognized for its as “Age-Friendly” healthcare.


Why is Everyone Talking About Health Equity?

Summer Burch, Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

The CDC says that health equity is the opportunity to attain our “full health potential” because barriers and disadvantages due to social position or other circumstances are solved. Here at Grace Cottage, we have been looking at these barriers, finding ways to improve the care we deliver, and improving equal access to quality care.


What You Need to Know About Ticks!

Phil Schafer

Woodchuck ticks? Squirrel ticks? Brown dog tick? Blacklegged tick? Vermont has at least 14 different species of ticks, but over 99% of all tickborne diseases are caused by the blacklegged tick. Vermont ranks high for cases of both Lyme Disease and anaplasmosis, the two most common tickborne diseases.


Social Determinants of Health

Jeremy Morrison, MD

In the last thirty years, more and more evidence has piled up showing that some aspects of social and economic status are risk factors as important to illness and mortality as traditional villains like smoking or genetics. The common terminology for these is “social determinants of health.”


Long COVID – A Patient’s Story

As a fellow COVID survivor, I want others experiencing Long COVID to know: We’re in the early stages of learning about this. You are not imagining this. Your experience is legitimate. You are not alone.


Help Us Survey Your Health Needs

Windham County residents are encouraged to take a brief survey to share what they consider their most pressing healthcare needs and concerns. It is available online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WindhamCountyCHNA.


Advanced Directives: Honoring Your Wishes

Timothy Shafer

I would like to discuss a topic that is always important but especially now, in these sobering times when we are more aware of mortality. If you have not already done so, I urge you to complete an Advanced Directives for Healthcare, sometimes called a Living Will.


Grace Cottage PA Elected to National Board

Grace Cottage Emergency Department Physician Assistant (PA) Joshua Rosenblum has been elected to the national Board of Directors of the Society of Emergency Medicine Physician Assistants (SEMPA). Rosenblum is a Senior Fellow of SEMPA. He was elected to the board along with one other PA from a field of six candidates. His term starts in May 2021. As a board member, he hopes to provide a voice for Rural Emergency Medicine PAs.