A Mile a Day Challenge

A month-long program: October 23 –November 19
Registration required by October 20th

Feel better, sleep better, look better… and win prizes!

Join others in the West River Valley who are making a pledge to exercise 6 days a week for 4 weeks. Each day, you are encouraged to earn one “Wellness Mile” which can come from walking, gardening, dancing, raking leaves, playing soccer, or doing anything that gets your heart pumping for a steady period of time.

Just by making the effort, you will be eligible to win an assortment of prizes.
But really — the ultimate prize is a healthier, happier, stronger you!

The details:

  • This can be done as an Individual or a Team.
  • Register by October 20th by emailing wmonahan@gracecottage.org with your name and if applicable, your team name and your team members’ names.
  • Your GOAL is to do a minimum of one ‘wellness mile’ at least 6 out of 7 days each week.
  • Download a log sheet here to track your Daily Miles. Since there are a lot of forms of exercise besides walking, do whatever suits you! Use the chart below to calculate your Daily Miles. (i.e.: if you ‘walk vigorously’ for 15 minutes, enter ‘1’ mile on that day — see Walking/Vigorous. If you rake leaves casually for 2 hours, enter ‘2’ miles — see Gardening/Easy.) Do your best to be honest and accurate!
  • Email your weekly Miles to:
    wmonahan@gracecottage.org by each Monday by 5:00 PM.


WEEKLY PRIZE DRAWING! Winners selected at random from all participants who submit Miles by Monday at 5:00 PM (even if you do not hit 6 Miles).

TWO GRAND PRIZES (for the following):

(1) Individual with the most Miles AND
(2) All participants who averaged 6 Miles per week will be entered into a drawing.

PLUS: The TEAM with the highest percentage of participants who meet the goal (Minimum 1 Mile/6 days a week) will win a special prize to be determined.



Questions? Contact Bill at 365-3762 or WMonahan@gracecottage.org.