Wish List

To make a donation that is restricted for the purchase of any of these items, call Andrea, C.J., or Jacki at (802) 365-9109 or e-mail info@gracecottage.org.

Wish List gifts are accepted via check, cash, or credit card (MasterCard, Discover or VISA).

Diagnostic Imaging – Arms-Up CT Scanner positioner and/or leg support for comfort of patients. $500 each. Sunrise Extender for CT Scanner (same purpose) $379. Leg support $500.

Dietary – Stainless steel serving trays. 5 for $215.Emergency Department – Overbed Table for new room. $570.

Emergency Department – Stretcher/bed for new room. $5,800

Emergency Department – Medical Cart for new room $1,770.

Grace Cottage Family Health – Video Camera to record educational sessions. $890.

Grace Cottage Family Health – Temperature-regulated freezer to store vaccines. $650.

Grace Cottage Hospital – repositioning sheets for incapacitated patients. $140/regular and $280/large.

Grace Cottage Hospital – Assistive device to help transfer partially-mobile patients from sitting to a standing position for physical rehab exercises. $1,400.

Grace Cottage Hospital – heavy-duty commercial scale with railings to weigh inpatients. $1,475.

Housekeeping – Heavy-duty 23-gallon step-open waste receptacles for hospital. $180 for two.

Messenger Valley Pharmacy – pill-counting machine. $6,500.

Rehab Department – Zero-gravity mobile arm support. $6,657.

Rehab Department – Hand therapy table. $1,985

The above items are a partial listing of Grace Cottage’s Wish List. For more details about any item on this list, or for additional items, call Andrea Seaton at (802) 365-9109.