Read stories from patients of Grace Cottage Hospital about their path to wellness.

Patient Story: “Learning To Walk Again”

Learning to walk

“I just wasn’t feeling well and was popping Tums [antacids] like they were going of style,” remembers John Allen of Wardsboro. What John didn’t realize was that he had suffered a massive heart attack. John had never had any heart problems, never had high blood pressure. Always reluctant togo to a doctor, John just rested at home. But, two weeks later, he could no longer get out of bed and he couldn’t feel his toes.

John’s family brought him to Grace Cottage Hospital’s Emergency Department. “They saved my life,” says John.


Patient Story: “I Want To Walk At Graduation”


Celine Rollins is a sunny, 16-year-old senior at Leland & Gray High School. She loves horseback riding and skiing. Her smile and her giggle are infectious. She simply lights up a room when she enters.

Celine also has cerebral palsy, a chronic condition that affects communication between the brain and the muscles. To bring her muscles and joints into alignment, she wears leg braces that extend from below the knee to her foot. She also uses forearm crutches when walking. As Celine explains, “There are a lot of muscles that don’t work for me.”


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