Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

Healing Close to Home

Surgical recovery and physical rehabilitation at Grace Cottage

Not ready to return home after a hospital stay? Patients recovering from a major surgery, stroke, injury or illness who require additional rehabilitation will find what they’re looking for here at Grace Cottage. Grace Cottage offers a federally licensed surgical recovery and physical rehabilitation program known as our “swing bed” program. The swing bed program offers customized care for each patient, and is open to any qualifying patient who wishes to recover in the comfort and familiarity of Grace Cottage.

The hallmark of Grace Cottage’s Swing Bed Program is our outstanding rehabilitative care:

  • Physical therapy—up to 2 times a day, 7 days/week
  • Occupational therapy—up to 2 times a day, 7 days/week
  • Speech therapy—up to 2 times a day, 5 days/week

Patients receive inpatient physical therapy, up to twice a day, seven days a week. Grace Cottage’s physical therapists focus on increasing a patient’s strength and range of motion. Physical therapy sessions may be provided in a patient’s room or in the Inpatient Gym, which includes a variety of physical rehabilitation equipment.

Occupational therapy is offered up to twice a day, seven days per week. Grace Cottage’s occupational therapists help you regain upper body coordination and strength, focusing on the skills of daily living: getting dressed, taking a shower, and cooking a meal, for example. The Inpatient Rehab Department includes a kitchenette to simulate the space where you would chop food or wash dishes.

Patients may also receive speech therapy up to twice a day, five days per week at the recommendation of the medical supervisor. Grace Cottage’s speech-language pathologist works with patients experiencing cognitive issues, trouble talking or swallowing.

As a hospital based program, Grace Cottage’s Swing Bed program offers:

All services are performed in an integrated manner, with physician oversight. Our primary goal is to return you to the highest level of independence possible.

For more information, contact Jessica Emerson, Director of Admissions, Social Services & Discharge Planning, at (802) 365-3614 or via email at

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