Tour de Grace Bicycle Rally

Saturday, July 7, 2018.
Stratton Mountain Resort to Grace Cottage Hospital.

What a perfect day! Thanks to all 141 riders who participated in this unique and wonderful event! Photos of the homestretch are up on our facebook page. If you rode and have a few good photos to share, send to


Stratton Resort, Solstice at Stratton, D&K’s Jamaica Grocery, Howard Printing, Equipe Sport, Three Mountain Inn, Von Bargen’s Jewelry, Gravel Tours, Cota & Cota, C&S Wholesale Grocers, and Winot Works.


Signposting: Ellen & Sam Scialabba, Jacki Brown

Registration: Sue Belgard-Marquis, Jill Dean, Ellen & Sam Scialabba, John Wadsworth, Callie Wadsworth, Jane Hewson

Route Volunteers: David Plants, Roxanne Prescott

Jamaica Rest Stop: Jean Danilow, Jen & Ed Dorta-Duque, Hazel Denton

West Townshend Rest Stop: Tucker Wilkinson

Townshend Dam Steps Bike-Luggers: Lucas Newton, Sam Thibeault, Evan Bernard

Townshend Dam Rest Stop: Laura Smith & Reed Erven

Grace Cottage Greeting Committee: Claire Bemis, Tom Tolbert, Linda Bastian, Dewey Barry

Refreshments at Grace Cottage: Pat Mack & Suzanne Welch

Transportation Expediters: Gary Katz, Kevin Rogers

Transporters: Crystal Mansfield, Chris Lackney, Doug & Cathy DiVello, David Plants, and Kris Dennan of Gravel Tours

Grace Cottage Employees: Jacki Brown, C.J. King, Scott Hitchcock, Doug Winot, Brian Robinson, Jim Martis, Denise Choleva, Dana West

And a HUGE shout out for all that Stratton Resort does for us, including providing Lee, Patrick, and Dave to drive the Stratton busses back and forth. They’re so pleasant and professional, as were all of the Stratton Resort Employees that we interacted with when planning this event.

Thanks also to Kyle LaPointe and Brady Walsh of Rescue, Inc., who helped to keep riders safe, and to the Vermont State Police, who calmed traffic by the S curves south of Jamaica.