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Spring 2006
Grace Cottage’s Maintenance Director, Jim Crozier, attacks the kitchen project with enthusiasm!


Thanks to Grace Cottage Auxiliary and several major contributors, a new kitchen is being constructed at Grace Cottage, long overdue. “The original kitchen was built in 1954,” said CEO Albert LaRochelle, “and it pretty much outlived its usefulness years ago. When the Medicare surveyors told us that it wouldn’t pass inspection next time, we had no choice but to listen.”

Grace Cottage Auxiliary graciously agreed to dedicate the proceeds from Fair Day 2004 and Fair Day 2005 to the project, plus the profits from the sale of a donated painting . Several devoted supporters stepped up to the plate when asked by Grace Cottage Foundation and, as a result, only $10,000 is left to raise for the entire project, the total cost of which is estimated to be $146,000.

A commercial hospital kitchen for just $146,000 is possible for several reasons. One is that, thanks in large part to the Panwy Foundation, many pieces of equipment in the existing kitchen are only a year or two old, including the dishwasher, ice machine, stove, refrigerator/freezer, and can be moved to the new location. Another reason that construction costs should be reasonable is that Grace Cottage is blessed with a very talented Maintenance Department. Thus, much of the work can be done in-house, at great cost savings.

The new kitchen, which should be completed by May, is located in the space formerly occupied by Grace Cottage Adult Day Services. The large community room will be available to the public, by reservation, for non-profit meetings.

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