We’re nearly there. It gives us great please to report that we’re now within just 8 percent of our total goal. Here’s a special word from our CEO Mick Brant about the current fundraising efforts and what lies ahead for our small rural hospital.

“I’d like to thank all (literally over 1,000 of you) whose gifts helped to make the Medical Imaging Suite addition and technology upgrades possible. With your generosity, we’ve almost achieved the fundraising goal of $800,000.

Medical Imaging Suite Fundraising Campaign - We're nearly there!

Now it’s time to prepare for the next key projects to improve patient care. All of Grace Cottage’s projects are part of the hospital’s five-year Master Plan that was approved by the Board of Trustees in 2009.

Thanks to an initial grant from The Fanny Holt Ames and Edna Louise Holt Fund towards this project, Grace Cottage’s Messenger Valley Pharmacy will receive a much-needed renovation this year. Architect Vance Hosford has agreed to donate his expertise again (as he did for the Community Wellness Center two years ago) and ServCorps, that wonderful group of volunteers from Hartford, Connecticut, will come to Townshend for two weeks in September to work on construction (as they did for the Community Wellness Center).

The footprint of the Messenger Valley Pharmacy won’t change, but the barn behind the pharmacy will be renovated for pharmacy use. This renovation will help accommodate the tremendous increase in services that the pharmacists provide to customers on a daily basis. Over the past 14 years, the number of prescriptions filled at Messenger Valley Pharmacy has increased by 216% to 56,000 prescriptions per year, and the medication counseling services that pharmacists provide, including the Medicine-on-Time program, have also increased.

Another grant from the Holt Fund will enable Grace Cottage to start planning for the renovation of the Emergency Department, also part of the hospital’s five-year Master Plan. More details about planning for this project will follow in future issues of Cottage Door.

The intent of Grace Cottage’s Master Plan is to enhance the community’s health care in the future, with continued focus on what Grace Cottage does best: delivering high-quality, patient-focused primary care.”

Mick Brant, CEO

For more information about our fundraising campaign or to make a donation,  please click here. As always, thank you for your support.

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