Satellite view of the enormous cloud field associated with Hurricane Sandy on Thursday morning. (NASA)

Brattleboro Town Manager Barbara Sondag has issued the following, written on Thursday evening, October 25:

“First responders and Town officials are closely tracking Hurricane Sandy.  The most current forecast indicates that the Brattleboro area could be impacted by Sandy sometime between Monday and Wednesday (October 29 – 31).  The forecast indicates that heavy rains and high wind speeds are possible.  Concerns include power outages, flooding, flying debris, downed trees, road closures and bridge failures.

It is not safe to assume this storm will act in a similar fashion to Tropical Storm Irene.

Sandy could have higher winds than we experienced with Irene, making power outages more possible and increasing the risk of flying debris.  In addition our current water table is high increasing the risk that high winds could more easily uproot trees, causing road closures or power outages.  In short everyone should prepare for this storm – not just those who were impacted by TS Irene.

The Town is working to secure sandbags and we hope to have more information on their availability sometime on Friday.  I have released the attached PSA and will continue to prepare and distribute PSAs as we receive new or more specific information.

I would advise anyone who suffered damage from Irene and made repairs to document those repairs (photos of present conditions especially) so there is no question what storm caused what damage.

The reason is that if there is future damage, these photos will serve to clearly delineate damage from Irene and damage from Sandy for insurance or FEMA claim purposes.

We will also be updating the Town website – — and utilizing the Brattleboro Emergency Notification System (BENS) as needed.”

Barb has asked that the Chamber, along with Building a Better Brattleboro, Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation and the West Brattleboro Association alert their constituencies — business owners, organizations and citizens — of the threat Sandy may pose to our community.

Please pass this information along to your employees and to those in the community who might not have as direct access to the latest information as others of us.

Thank you!

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