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Everyone in the Grace Cottage “family” has been affected in some way by the havoc wreaked in this area by Irene. Some employees and patients have lost their homes and/or businesses, and our hearts go out to all, especially those so severely impacted. Some are still without power, some have been evacuated, some are isolated on back roads or in towns that are still closed off. We give great thanks to the employees who stayed through the storm, kept Grace Cottage Hospital up and running.

Grace Cottage Hospital never skipped a beat, never lost power, and has stayed open and treating patients during this whole event. Grace Cottage has been working closely with the civil emergency personnel in the surrounding towns to keep the townspeople safe and healthy. While there has been widespread damage, neighbors have been helping neighbors in the usual Vermont way and the staff at Grace Cottage has been here to help.

It has been confirmed by the Army Corp. of Engineers Army Colonel himself, that the Townshend Dam is stable and in NO DANGER. On Sunday they had a small culvert near the dam give but that is separate from the Dam and has no impact on the dam itself.


If your home sustained any damage or you had to evacuate you can register for FEMA/state disaster assistance.

Road Closures

Call 511 or visit for current information about travel conditions throughout Vermont.


If you have time to volunteer or resources to offer, such as equipment and supplies, an organization in the Londonderry/Jamaica/Bondville/Weston area that you can call is Neighborhood Connections at 824-4343 and let them know:

  • Your name and contact details
  • What you can offer / your availability
  • What towns you can help in

Conversely, if you need assistance, and you’re in the Londonderry area, please call Neighborhood Connections at 824-4343 and let them know:

  • Your name and contact details, including your town
  • The status / priority of your situation
  • What assistance you need

They will work to match volunteers and resources with those who need it.


The Stratton Foundation has established a relief fund and is accepting financial contributions.  You can donate online, and you can also designate your contribution to a specific town, or the general area, if you wish.

We will be continuing to post links to more information on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

As always, the doors at Grace Cottage are open!

Hitting the road and clocking some miles is a perfect way to see the country and enjoy summer time in the great outdoors.  Those road trippers who regularly take to the highway, find a sense of community among fellow travelers and folks they encounter along the journey. A caravan of VW campers known as the West River Westies (WRW), are living the dream from the beds of their pop-up micro buses and annually gather at the Bald Mountain Campground here in Townshend.

The gathering draws vehicles, drivers, families and visitors from around northern hemisphere. This year there were even campers from four Canadian Provinces; Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario. The rest came from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachuetts & Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Illinois.

The weekend is filled with games, swimming, tubing, biking, sharing stories, food and laughter. In addition, as they have done now for seven years, the ‘Westies’ hold a bucket raffle – donating the proceeds to Grace Cottage Hospital. This year through the generosity of all participants, they generated a record donation of $1,000 for the new Medical Imaging Facility. We were overwhelmed at the news and so thankful for their kindness and support.

This year’s contribution, added with their donations from past years, totals in nearly $4,000 that the West River Westies have raised for Grace Cottage Hospital. Upon completion, the new Medical Imaging Suite will proudly don a plaque in honor of their contributions that reads LIMBO – West River Westies.

It’s touching to see how a community that comes together just once a year, is connected to our small town community and little rural hospital. A very heartfelt thanks goes out to Nev and Sue Lescher, the WRW wagonmasters for organizing this event and to everyone who came out for the fun. We truly appreciate your support. Happy camping.